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Macleay Valley Business Womens Network

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About Us

The Macleay Valley Business Women’s Network (MVBWN) was first created in 2005 and has many original members still within the network. It is an organisation of local women in business who come together to exchange ideas, information and inspiration as they strive for business success.

Our Mission

We will assist our members to be able to share experiences, grow their businesses, develop their skills, empower themselves and enhance our community by;

• Supporting and encouraging women in their many roles in business and the community

• Creating a forum for women in business to share ideas and the opportunity to refer business to one another

• Empowering women to contribute to the economic development of the region

• Offering professional development opportunities to increase confidence and capability of women in business

• Developing a high profile in order to showcase the achievements of women working in and running businesses

• Collaborating with community and networks

• Encouraging all women to join from all sectors of the business community and welcome visitors to participate in our activities

• Reaching out to all women working in local businesses as well as business owners, home based and micro business enterprises

Our Goal

We aim to regenerate and grow our membership in order to more fully reflect the pivotal role of Macleay Valley women who are in business and the workforce in our region. To do this we will take on a new image and focus on the promotion of your business through a concerted campaign to launch the MVBWN digital online presence.


Event costs for Members may vary from event to event depending on the scale of the event. The standard fee for most monthly events is Member Fee is $25 and the Guest Fee is $30 per event.

If you wish to prepay meeting costs, please advise and an invoice will be set to you. Please note there is no refund for confirmed but unattended meetings.